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MadiganGill Security in London Construction

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  • Sector: Construction

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UK Construction Industry Forecast 2022-2023 paints a positive picture for construction over the next two years. Despite disruptions, the sector’s rebound is still on track with the value of underlying project starts set to rise 7% in 2022 and by a further 5% in 2023 MadiganGill have been supporting many household names in construction since 2009.

We have worked on many iconic developments and as security professionals in today’s uncertain environment, we know that security is of critical importance both to the business community and to society at large. Each location is taken as an opportunity to provide the absolute best security solution possible, to achieve this we complete an in-depth review and risk assessment and then recommended a multi-layered approach to security that protects the site today.

No matter how good one’s security officers are, or how advanced our electronic detection systems may be; good security always needs to start with a properly controlled and physically secure perimeter, backed up by an effective and even level of site illumination.
With this in place, MadiganGill Security can develop a remarkably effective detection and viewing system, covering the perimeter and all key internal areas. The system is normally made up of a combination of fixed colour cameras and pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras, which can automatically identify, zoom-in, and track a suspected intruder.

These are combined with a number of extremely sensitive thermal imaging cameras. These cameras are particularly effective during times of inclement weather when conventional cameras tend to struggle. This equipment is permanently monitored both on and off site, enabling MadiganGill to keep its security officers fully informed of any incident, the moment it arises.

Total access control at the perimeter, incorporating barriers, turnstiles, road blockers and a manned presence completes the picture, with all incomings and outgoings to and from the site being permanently monitored and recorded. The design of the security system also makes it a particularly useful tool in assisting with the day-to-day health and safety of the site whilst our clients go about their business. With both live viewing and incident recording, the system is invaluable in providing corroborative evidence in the event of an accident involving either staff or vehicles during the working day.

When providing security solutions we can never forget or underestimate the threat from terrorism to the UK remains real. An attack could take place at any time and any organisation could be directly or indirectly affected. MadiganGill Security in conjunction with our construction client’s management has counter measures to be implemented following a major incident and/or terror attack.

Following specific intelligence received from the emergency services, all pre-agreed protective security measures are clearly notified to those staff who are responsible for ensuring compliance. Being prepared and ready for action is vital; therefore, every officer receives Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) training course as a mandatory requirement, together with on-site training modules, conducting rehearsal scenarios and table top exercises, all enhanced through penetration testing.

The contract is fully supported by our flat management structure providing Pillar with local service ownership and efficient decision-making.

The working routines of the team are managed and monitored through our MIS system; a next-generation technology developed in the UK.

The result is a workforce management solution, with a rich variety of industry-leading features that radically improves the way our services are delivered and managed.

The key advantage is flexibility. We have designed the system, tailoring reporting functionality and frequency completely in line with Pillar’s specific requirements, to give control and flexibility, and an open and transparent audit trail of all activity.


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