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MadiganGill takes its responsibility to act as an environmental steward very seriously. This is our team just to about to set out on a local litter picking venture in July 2023.

Well aware of the urgency of the climate crisis, in 2021 we undertook our first ever CSR audit, As a result, shifted gears and ramped up our efforts, to push for greater and more effective climate action; helping curb carbon emissions and preserve Earth’s natural biodiversity by reining in global temperatures. To achieve this, we are taking a number of climate actions which include committing to net zero; working with value chain partners to encourage action for the planet and help transform the industry; and fostering biodiversity and protecting forests.

Net zero 

Reducing CO2 and other GHG emissions from the earth’s atmosphere is crucial to achieving net zero – aligned with the Paris Agreement and the UK government’s commitment – we are implementing all the appropriate measures to reach this target. These include transitioning to greener energy; reducing unnecessary business travel and transitioning our full fleet of vehicles to electric; reducing waste to landfill, promoting a circular economy, and participating in water conservation. These actions are already contributing to a considerable reduction in our carbon total footprint which we continue to follow. 

Transform the industry

The climate crisis cannot be tackled alone, in a globalised world we require collective action to achieve greater impact. This is why, MadiganGill is taking a collaborative approach and working with value chain partners to encourage action for the planet. We believe this will create a ripple effect and help transform the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Some of the initiatives we will put in place to achieve this include: sourcing more locally, innovating and promoting a circular economy in our value chain and especially on sites, and to educating and building knowledge through events and workshops.


Today, our ecosystems and natural resources are under extreme pressure. Forests, crucial to our survival, are disappearing at alarming rates. Human-led deforestation affects wildlife and ecosystems with up to one million plants and animal species threatened by extinction. Without drastic action to conserve habitats, the rate of species extinction is set to increase. To prevent irreversible damage, we are playing our part to foster biodiversity and protect forests. We will invest in protecting ecosystems and local wildlife by investing in biodiversity improvements; foster carbon positive solutions through offsetting and eliminate unsustainable deforestation from our supply chain.


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