Our People

We recognise that people are our greatest strength, and making them feel empowered and valued is essential for good and ethical business practice. Therefore, developing a talented, diverse and thriving workforce is at the core of our ambitions. We will achieve this by investing in the growth of our colleagues and establish an equitable and inclusive workplace where people from all walks of life feel seen and heard. We are keen to reinforce actions for improved mental health in the workplace. Creating an atmosphere where everyone can thrive and grow which we believe will result in greater return, benefitting our people and business.

Invest in colleagues

Our colleagues take part in many hours of volunteering. These have included raising money through sponsored walks, white water rafting, and charity golf days. Based on this previous success, we seek to further develop and improve on these volunteering initiatives, to invest in the growth of our colleagues.


We will do all we can to make sure our colleagues can develop to their fullest potential. We will achieve this by offering apprenticeships, providing training, mentorships, and educational opportunities designed to accompany our team every step of the way, ensuring we develop and retain a thriving workforce.

Equity and inclusion

We believe that thriving companies and stronger communities are created when people of every culture, background and lifestyle are accepted and valued. To achieve this goal, we seek to foster a workplace environment where people of every ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age or disability feel welcomed and valued.

As women are largely underrepresented in the construction industry, we will continue to encourage and advocate for more women to take up careers in the sector through outreach. This will include participating in recruitment fairs, school interventions and joining relevant forums and initiatives.

Staff wellbeing

Healthy and happy colleagues make for a more productive workforce and greater economic return. Many reports illustrate shocking statistics around mental health issues within the construction and built environment sector. Therefore, at MadiganGill mental health and staff wellbeing are a priority.

We have set out an on-going strategy for improving work life-balance and promoting healthy lifestyles for our colleagues. We will achieve this through ensuring that social protections and health and safety measures are upheld to the highest standard in our offices and on site locations; all the whilst advocating for better mental health by joining membership schemes, creating Mental Health champions and organising regular events to raise awareness amongst our team.



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