Date posted 20-02-2023



World CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Day was this weekend February 18th and it’s a great opportunity for us to restate our commitment to CSR as well as inspire others around us to make a positive impact, on the planet and people.

Our CSR strategy, guided by our leadership team, believes in the value of sustainability and the importance of managing our own impact. We are determined to have CSR built into the very fabric of our business by it influencing our company policies and actions, so ensuring we continue to operate responsibly and sustainably. The aim of our strategy is to also bring together, and recognise the range of CSR activities we were already doing and to outline future commitments under each of our 3 main programmes focused on our planet and environment, our people, and our communities.

Our aspirations are aligned with our ethos of ‘The MadiganGill Way’, which is a powerful and simple strategy that’s our approach, methodology, standards, and values that drives us forward and we feel sets us apart from others.

We feel that it is vital to make CSR real, not just a set of tick boxes, so we have done our best to make our CSR endeavours an integral part of our everyday business.

One of the ways we achieve this is by being as inclusive as possible and so we’ve created several internal working groups comprised of colleagues who have a genuine interest in core areas of our CSR programmes and are keen to help us develop plans and initiatives so we can embed CSR in our company operations, making it part of the impact we make around:

  • Reducing staff footprint - namely around their commute to work
  • Exploring potential investments in biodiversity improvements
  • Establishing a CSR champions network for colleagues to act as experts and ambassadors in
  • Annual staff awards across the Group to encourage and inspire
  • Advocacy for more women to take up careers in construction
  • Exploring wellbeing initiatives to raise awareness and facilitate good mental health and
    healthy lifestyles
  • Forge partnerships to offer training and employment opportunities to local individuals and
    to those from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Support charity partners in different ways
  • To establish a sustainable volunteering programme

Our aim is to ensure that CSR remains constantly in focus, and we have worked hard at aligning our CSR strategy to that of our company values of being responsible, integrity, community, respect, leadership, and teamwork. We believe that with the right mindset and the right approach we can achieve great things that bring about positive change within the communities we work in.

We look forward to sharing with you this journey, and our success along the way.




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