Date posted 6-02-2023


The simple answer is that we need the next generation to want to come into construction and the emerging and existing associated industries aligned with it.

At MadiganGill we are totally committed to developing and encouraging this new generation and helping them see construction and its associated industries as a sound and exciting career path. As part of this, we have been busy running a number of apprenticeship schemes and participating in many CEIAG/educational programmes.

To celebrate the importance of apprenticeships, especially during this 6th – 12th February,  ‘National Apprenticeship Week’, and in keeping with the Government Agenda, we want to drive awareness on the topic.

We are particularly proud of our ‘Waste Resource Operative Apprenticeship’ launched earlier this year. This is proving to be a great success and the apprentices involved all aspire to be ‘champions and specialists in waste’ and are prepared to learn and work hard towards eventually being able to take on supervisory and management roles.

This programme entails working with a training provider, as well as a number of colleagues, supply chain partners, and clients - all of whom are contributing to different elements of the programme. These include a structured level 2 accredited programme, hands-on and soft skills, professional development training, and experience through field trips.

To ensure they get the most out of the apprenticeship experience, each one of our apprentices is assigned a mentor - namely a MadiganGill Logistics Contract Manager, who shares their valuable insights and expertise to assist with career advancement.

All these initiatives are helping our learners develop skills and enhance their knowledge in environmental/waste legislation, the circular economy, waste and resource management, recycling, and treatment options.

With one eye on the future, and as per our CSR strategy, we are enthusiastic about strengthening this programme and especially targeting those hard-to-reach areas and communities - particularly where the most disadvantaged and economically excluded reside.  

We are so pleased to be working very closely with a range of clients including, Balfour, Wates, and Berkeley Group as well as local authorities, and community organisations to help us deliver this. Ongoing, our intention is to utilise our networks to effectively publicise and promote apprenticeship and career development opportunities to those who need them most.


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