Unlocking Opportunities Through Our New ‘Step Forward’ Programme

Date posted 13-05-2024

Unlocking Opportunities Through Our New ‘Step Forward’ Programme
In our pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable society, we are proud to announce the launch of our exciting ‘Step Forward’ programme aimed at assisting individuals from marginalised and disadvantaged communities. This initiative not only resonates with our MadiganGill values but also aligns with our core business objectives.
Collaborating closely with clients, expert partners, local authorities and other stakeholders, we have embarked on a mission to pave the way for sustainable employment by offering this comprehensive programme, which comprises pre-employment support, job opportunities, in-work support, training and upskilling, amongst others, for individuals who are facing barriers to employment.

At the heart of our efforts are a dedicated group of champions each committed to making a tangible difference to the lives of others. This team is led by Naz Toropdar – Group Head of CSR who ensures that we constantly remain aware of what we can do to help.

Here's a glimpse into the diverse groups we are focused on assisting, alongside our champions who are working on this programme:
Ex-offenders: Matthew Wise
Veterans: Tim Bonfield
Homelessness: Goncalo Rodriguez
Refugees: Goncalo Rodriguez
Young People ‘Not in Employment, Education, or Training’ (NEET): Naz Toropdar
Victims of Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG): Ceri Green
If your organisation is actively engaged in supporting the above groups and shares our commitment to fostering inclusivity and prosperity, we invite you to connect with our champions, as above, to explore potential collaboration.
Equally, if you are aware of anyone encountering challenges on their journey to employment, encourage them to reach out to us and join in our mission to unlock opportunities and build a more resilient, compassionate society. You can reach us at: stepforward@madigangill.co.uk


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