Date posted 30-05-2024


Helping re-integrate ex-offenders is an essential part of our ‘Step Forward’ programme. This recently launched programme is an important part of the MadiganGill Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, built around our objective of ‘facilitating prosperity and helping communities flourish’.

The programme includes ROTL (Release on Temporary Licence) placements - where individuals have the opportunity through education, training, and meaningful work experiences to better themselves, and hire candidates upon release. Supporting candidates at both stages ultimately empowers them to rebuild their lives whilst helping develop the labour workforce for the construction industry.

We have facilitated numerous ROTL placements from HMP Prescoed, Leyhill and Springhill prisons as well as support 11 ex-offenders upon release, as well as others who have faced barriers to employment, into work.

Continuing this endeavour, in the past few weeks Matthew Wise from MadiganGill Resource who is one of our champions supporting Ex-offenders, has been out and about making visits to HMP Highpoint (South) and Lewes, contributing to their respective programmes.

Recently, Matt supported the team hosting these events, in addition to other partners from construction, and met with over 90 inmates, speaking to them one-on-one and finding out about them, and what they are interested in doing when released.

Matt describes the experience very rewarding giving the candidates’ feedback. He said “We knew our time was valued by the guys as many said how they really appreciate us participating in these events and they feel the sessions are really beneficial for them which gives them hope and motivation to start making a living in construction when released.”

This commitment to supporting disadvantaged groups reflects our ambitions to look closely how we operate and make a meaningful contribution to the local communities.

To discover more about what were doing - please visit: STEP FORWARD


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