Date posted 17-01-2024


Soup kitchens were started around a hundred years ago to provide much-needed sustenance for the poor and homeless. More than a century on, soup kitchens still play a vital role in helping those who would otherwise remain cold and hungry.

We were delighted to be invited to participate and join with the team at Wates Residential in helping out, preparing food, cleaning, and serving at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen in Ripple Road, Barking. Thank you to Joshua   

On our first day, we managed to prepare over 130 jacket potatoes, cheese, and beans meals for the very friendly staff to serve to the homeless arrivals.

But the most important thing a soup kitchen does is to bring the community together for a cause: to fight destitution and hunger. It’s in caring for others that we can bridge the gap between those who can manage and those who desperately need help. This, in turn, breaks down social barriers as people from all walks of life come together to share in the essentials of life.

As much as this was also food for the soul, it highlighted how important it is (at any time of the year) not to forget others, and so can we ask you to copy and pass this link to help raise funds for soup kitchens, so even if you can’t get out personally, you’re still doing an amazing deed. Thank you.


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