Date posted 11-01-2023

There are more than 80,000+ people in custody at any given moment in England. One way we can help is by tackling the skills gap and reintegrating ex-offenders and serving offenders into society, sustained employment and helping them reach their potential.

As part of our CSR Strategy, we have been keen to offer training and employment opportunities to individuals from disadvantaged groups. Part of this is our commitment to developing an offender placement programme. This includes providing a pathway for offenders to gain work experience on assignments with us and our partnered construction clients.

'Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL)' works as it empowers individuals. It also encourages growth, good behaviour and gives people the chance to assimilate back into society.

The Statistics:

  • Only 20-25% of prison leavers go into employment upon release
  • 100,000+ people leaving prison each year
  • 75-80% of people who are unemployed on release
  • 68% of released offenders that re-offend within the first 12 month, that are reconvicted
  • 11,000+ serving prisoners are employed today by over 300 businesses or government departments

The good news is that we are seeing more of our stakeholders, particularly clients, keen for us to support placements and include when appropriate, taking on ex-offenders.

Our approach has been:

  • Collaborating with Category D prisons
  • Placing ROTL candidates for work on local projects
  • Exploring relationships with not-for-profits (e.g. Bounce Back, Osmani Trust and others) to look at how we could support ex-offenders

Through this programme we have supported 5 prisoner placements and employed 4 ex-offenders, who are rehabilitating and eager to integrate back into society.

From a MadiganGill perspective we are excited about being able to add social value through our engagement with serving offenders and play an important part in reducing reoffending whilst helping people integrate back into society.

Based on this we are now engaging with other clients as well as continuing to work with HMPS and already have interest for supporting additional individuals.

From our experience so far, we are confident that an ROTL recruitment process works successfully and going forward we anticipate seeing the further great outcomes and benefits from this initiative.

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