Meet Ionel on our Apprentice 'Waste Resource Operative' Programme

Date posted 10-02-2023

Ionel originally comes from Romania. He came here 8 years ago when he was just 19. He found a labouring job in construction and actually worked on a site with his dad (who is a tiler) where MadiganGill was operating. Even back then he remembered MadiganGill standing out as a good company.
Over the years Ionel has done a number of jobs including concreting, water-proofing, handyman and groundworks. He is keen to learn and ambitious. He has worried that he couldn’t get on and would be stuck in labouring indefinitely.
Ionel says he joined MadiganGill in 2020 and had the good fortune to be taken under the wing of two really good site managers who helped Ionel develop his skills and encourage him, as well as providing great management support. He said it has been two of my happiest years working and was also the reason I feel so loyal to MadiganGill and have stayed with the company because of these inspiring managers.
Last year Ionel’s Contracts Manager (James Kearns) recommended him for the Waste Management Apprenticeship. James felt Ionel was more than capable and explained that it would enable him to work his way toward management over time and that Waste Management was an area that had great possibilities. James did push a little, and Ionel is grateful he did.
Ionel’s current Contracts Manager is Paul Manning and again Ionel has found him encouraging and caring. He said that although MadiganGill is quite big, and he doesn’t really do emails, seeing what’s going on in the company via Paul and through the company Newsletter, CommmsUnity, has at least helped him feel included and to know what’s going on in the company at large.
What about the future, what do you see for yourself? Once I do get more qualifications under my belt, I want to take on more responsibility and find a way that I can get on in the company.
He was asked, what he thought of the recent apprenticeship training. “Really good, both of the trainers (Debbie and Amy) are excellent and explained everything so well and in straightforward terms, I learned a lot. They made it feel exciting and not boring at all. I do struggle with the Maths and English, and they took me through the course work in such a way, I learned loads – they are lovely ladies”.
Do you think having an apprenticeship programme for the company is good?
“Yes, because it is a great investment for the company long term”.
Has it helped having such good support from your site manager (Victor)
“Yes, it really has helped, that said he’s tough, fair, and keeps us all in line – even so, he’s kind and I think of him like a father as well”


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