MadiganGill Partners with Renaisi to Support Refugees into Employment

Date posted 16-06-2021

MadiganGill are pleased to announce our new partnership with Renaisi, which will be an essential component of our commitment to tackle social exclusion and unlock the potential of those unable to access the labour market. In this regard, it is our absolute delight to launch our collaboration during this year’s Refugee Week – themed ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’.

Renaisi is a social enterprise that provides information, advice, and guidance to those excluded – including refugees - from the labour market. Renaisi’s ultimate aim is to create thriving communities by increasing employment opportunities for refugees. This noble effort includes wide ranging services from providing prospective workers with the means to access the construction industry to facilitating the placements of highly skilled professionals. We believe our partnership with Renaisi will optimise and upscale our combined outreach work and ensure that all our projects contribute and add value to local communities, advance cohesion and stimulate local labour markets.

The UK is home to asylum seekers and refugees that have fled persecution and war, and many of these people struggle to find employment that draws on their professional skillset and competencies. Our priority at MadiganGill through participating in Renaisi’s programmes is to form pathways that leads these socially and economically excluded groups to employment.

We are already doing a lot more to build strong ties with local stakeholders through an increased focus on community engagement. We wish to be more responsive to local needs and want to see all parts of the community benefiting from our existing projects. Over the last several years, there has been an uplift in local labourers employed by MadiganGill, and now we endeavour to incorporate training, where possible, and recruitment of suitable candidates from socially excluded backgrounds.

In forging a strong, and what promises to be an enduring, partnership with Renaisi we intend to provide greater access to local construction projects and on the job training for refugees seeking pathways into the construction industry. Where possible, we will be facilitating meaningful opportunities and capacity building through Renaisi’s Transition programme. This includes running placement schemes at local sites and/or in our offices, which promises to put refugees on the path to sustainable employment. Moreover, we will be working with Renaisi to employ operatives - through their Rise Programme - to match local labour needs.

MadiganGill are determined to transform the life chances of those individuals and communities who are held back by discrimination and disadvantage. In working with Renaisi we will enhance our social impact and efforts to not only remove the barriers that prevent disadvantaged groups from realising their aspirations, but we will be better positioned to contribute to local economies and consequently improve the life of communities.


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