Groundwork Partnership Means Supporting More Local Jobs

Date posted 26-05-2021

MadiganGill is proud to announce our on-going partnership with the charity ‘Groundwork’ - an organisation which aims to create better places, improve people’s prospects and create greener living and working - on its employment programme, initially as part of the company’s policy to build upon the hidden wealth of local communities. We want to be the solution to the issues that stem from the inequalities in society, working to create more resilient communities and ensuring that opportunities to excel are extended to every corner of the Capital.

We are well placed to work with Groundwork to recruit and place offenders and ex-offenders within our projects, and where possible within their local communities, having previously supported those with ex-offending backgrounds. We have placed an existing offender on day release at one of our sites for the last few months. We are determined to transform the lives of ex/offenders through providing stimulating work experience and mentoring opportunities.

We wish to upscale this, which our partnership with Groundwork will enable us to do, to help many more people in similar circumstances get back onto their feet, fully contributing to society and making gainful use of their talents.

We already work on existing projects with Groundwork London’s employment schemes, most notably on the ACE Programme, which supports individuals with disabilities or long-term health conditions. This has involved supporting young people to upskill after a period of recent unemployment at our Southmere and Park East projects. Three operatives have been taken on part time over a 12-week period. This included a site administer, a labourer training in bricklaying, and a handyman with a background in carpentry. One operative was then offered a year’s contract.

In our new partnership with Groundwork, we look forward to continuing the above and playing our part in the rehabilitation of offenders and in the reduction of reoffending rates by facilitating viable pathways back into meaningful employment for those who are socio-economically excluded by virtue of their entanglement with the Criminal Justice System.

We are aware of a number of young people whose lives are blighted by the wrong choices they made early in life, falling prey to the influence of gangs, knife crime, and county lines. We believe that, through our partnership with Groundwork and engagement with ex-offenders, we can assist in the process of reintegrating those with criminal records back into society.   

In extending our work with Groundwork into a fully established partnership, MadiganGill is already in discussions around other potential synergies in our work and how both parties can collaborate and create meaningful social impact. So watch this space.


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