Global Recycling Day 2023

Date posted 20-03-2023

As a leading construction services provider, MadiganGill are committed to playing our part in helping to improve the environment by minimising our impact and supporting those we work with. Our goal is to find ‘practical ways’ to collaborate and contribute towards this change. We have been looking at a number of things from reducing the plastic waste, to circular economy solutions, amongst others, from the construction projects we are involved in.

We are delighted to be partnering with Protec International Ltd, a key strategic partner, to deliver their closed loop scheme – ‘Proplex Remanufacturing Scheme’, which remanufactures temporary protective sheets from old end-of-life ones. This contributes to reducing the project’s carbon footprint and ultimately the construction industry’s environmental impact.

This scheme also involves us working with another valued supply chain partner, Powerday, who manage the bailing and collection of the used temporary protection sheets back to Protec’s fully integrated manufacturing and recycling centre, where they are shredded, washed, and remanufactured into repurposed sheets, before being used on site again.

Protec supplied 2mm ProplexFR HD sheets to the contractors working on The Broadway project, in London, managed by Multiplex whereby MadiganGill set up and facilitated the scheme. The Proplex delivered to The Broadway was used to protect flooring, windows, doors and furniture from accidental damage and costly repairs.

The closed loop scheme witnessed the diversion of the projects waste (in relation to the temporary protective sheets) from landfill and even waste to energy, providing valuable sustainability results which contributed to the project’s overall BREEAM target. Below are the key achievements from the project in relation to this scheme.

Our Logistics Contracts Manager, Paul Manning for The Broadway, says “MadiganGIll are committed
towards achieving a zero-waste environment and using the Proplex ClosedLoop Remanufacturing Scheme, on the Broadway project has helped move this vision of sustainability towards that of being a reality.”

We have taken the opportunity to look at other changes in how we operate on this site and they have also produced results by helping us reduce our carbon footprint further, bringing us closer to achieving our net zero carbon targets.

MadiganGill strive to be at the forefront of innovation and best practice. As a family-owned company, founded on teamwork, we take a responsibility to society and ourselves to set high social, and environmental standards ensuring we are a sustainable company. Therefore, reducing our waste and carbon footprint remains high on the agenda for both MadiganGill and the construction industry itself and we hope to continue to work with our clients and supply chain to collaborate towards common and sustainable goals.




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