First Electric Forklifts arrive on Site

Date posted 29-01-2024


MadiganGill Logistics continues sustainability efforts with the first of our Electric Forklifts arriving on-site


As part of our current three-year CSR strategy, wherever possible we always look to utilise the most environmentally, sustainably responsible, and operationally efficient solutions. So we are delighted that we are able to have Electric Forklifts working on our sites.

MadiganGIll Logistics' use of electric forklifts isn't just a one-off - it represents our approach and commitment to staying abreast of our client's environmental objectives.

We are also exploring their use on a number of other upcoming projects where electric vehicles, because of their efficiency and lower environmental impact, are being considered as part of our offering.

Their use may not be suitable for every project at present, but this is a fast-moving sector, and machine ranges are being enhanced all the time, along with their capabilities.

With an eye to the future, we are constantly monitoring and reviewing new technology looking for anything that can bring added value or benefits to our clients. 

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