Date posted 18-10-2023



Most of us have clothing or items tucked away at home that we no longer use, and many of these still have significant life left in them and have the potential to bring warmth and comfort to those in need.

The office team at MadiganGill wanted to help and are working closely with our client Multiplex, and charity partners to collect and redistribute warm clothing and items donated for those in need, and in particular, those who have fallen into homelessness.

The items donated will be displayed on our ‘Wall of Kindness’ located at the Upper Ground project,

in Waterloo where Multiplex is operating their first scheme for developer Stanhope. This is also very appropriate as this is an area known for the amount of homelessness it has within its boundaries.

Other items collected will also be put on display there or re-distributed through our partners to those who may benefit from them.

To ensure clarity and a welcoming display, we have placed prominent signs with a simple message “Take a coat if you're cold, Leave a coat if you don't use it anymore” and similar signs for shoes and books. We are hoping that this approach will make it easier for those who would benefit the most to feel they are welcome to take what they need, fostering a sense of inclusivity and community.

This ‘Wall of Kindness’ comes amid the continued homelessness concerns and a deepening cost of living crisis affecting the country, with those with the least being the most heavily affected.

A special thanks to Jade and Akvile, from the office, for driving this initiative forward. Everyone involved has said how much better it makes them feel knowing they are making a positive impact on society, the environment, and in the larger scheme, helping our planet.

If you would like to help please get in contact with: commsunity@madigangill.co.uk


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