Our Values

In developing our values, it's people that are at the very heart of everything we do.

From the beginning, we have worked and lived by our values. Not because they are trendy, but because they represent who we are. In fact it has been these values that have enabled us to build the trust and reputation we enjoy today.

Ultimately our Values have driven the behaviours that makes us the type of company we want to be.

We take ownership of, and consistently seek to improve all that we are involved with

We care about conducting our business in an ethical, honest, and fair way

Community matters, and we choose to build, participate and support ours

Respect is a two-way street, it’s earned, not given, and is the foundation stone for long and successful relationships

We have a clear direction and lead the way through innovation, influence, and inspiration

We are committed to working together as one company, across all divisions, sharing ideas, technologies, and talents, in order to achieve our full potential

Our Values


We encourage every one in the company to be responsible for developing themselves, each other and the company. We are specialists in every part of the organisation and take on the responsibility of ensuring we have the knowledge and competence to perform our tasks and prioritise the right things to be able to deliver on expectations.


We value respect and it provides a foundation for how we treat our colleagues, peers, and the customers we serve. This means assuming positive intent, practicing direct and supportive communication, maintaining confidentiality and honesty, and working toward mutual understanding.


Integrity creates trust and as a company built on relationships, and doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do, makes it one of our most valuable assets. Individually, it’s the constant choice which informs every action we take with honesty, fairness, and respect for clients and colleagues alike.


We are determined to become the recognised leader in our sector, embracing challenges, innovating, pushing boundaries, striving to exceed customers expectations and taking delight in celebrating our successes


Being part of the wider community gives us a true sense of belonging. It enables us to share relatedness on a personal level and supports perpetual growth of each other, ourselves, the company and our environment. Having a sense of community embraces the spirit, character and pride of MadiganGill and enables us to be something greater than just ourselves.


Teamwork enables us to achieve what as individuals we can’t. Through collaboration, cooperation and by working together we become more effective and bring about a real sense of being part of a MadiganGill Family.


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