Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise that as a modern, forward thinking business, we remain aware of, and responsible for the impacts upon society and the environment that arise through the provision of our undertakings.

Our CSR programme is integrated in our operating model and includes three main programmes:


  • Our Environment
    We're committed to leading climate action and working with others to minimise negative impact including helping reduce CO2 and achieving net zero.
  • Our People
    We believe that making others feel empowered, valued and heard is essential as happier and healthier people make for stronger businesses and communities.
  • Our Communities
    It is our responsibility to invest in our communities, ensuring that no one is left behind and that we leave a tangible and lasting impact on people’s lives and communities.

Our Commitment

Our achievements and success stories testify to our social values, and to our instinctive desire to build bridges with local communities through our staff, who act as fantastic ambassadors - I would like to thank them for being standard bearers for our company.

Alongside our social mission, there is - all importantly - the overwhelming need for us all to play our part to tackle the climate crisis that is besieging us. I want us to do more in leading on environmental and sustainability programmes; and to bring our supply chain partners and stakeholders along with us, whether it is at our head office, at our regional branches, on site or in communities we work in.

We know that more needs to be done. We need data capture and handling systems that are up to the challenge of measuring the considerable social impact that we seek to achieve. This will mean we can go further in driving down our emissions and increasing the energy efficiency of our operations. Formalising our community development and philanthropic schemes will enable us to maximise the difference we can make in transforming communities and people's life chances.

As we seek to transform our operating model - without compromising our services, I am determined that we take the opportunity to contribute to industry discussions around the pressing challenges the construction sector faces; that way, we can be part of the solution to the problems confronting businesses and communities alike.

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously as a contractor, employer and consumer and are committed to understanding, managing and monitoring our environmental and social impact, which are reflected in our polices and in the way we run our business.

Sustaining our environment

Recognising that our activities may impact on the environment, we have formalised an Environmental Policy that seeks to control these effects and positively contribute towards achieving sustainable development by setting standards in environmental care.

Standards of business conduct

We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted with integrity and in according to rigorous ethical, professional, and legal standards.


We are committed to delivering the highest quality services to our clients ensuring that we meet or exceed their expectations. To ensure client satisfaction, we include their perspective in the decisions we make.

Human rights

We endorse and adhere to the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and have developed a number of supporting policy, standards and procedures which include non-discrimination, modern anti-slavery, diversity and equal opportunities and seek to be guided by its provisions in the conduct of our business.


We believe that our most important asset is our people. It, therefore, follows that it is equally important that investing in them is a crucial part of our success.


You can view the above and all our policies here>>

Community Comments

Head of Social Responsibility

Social value is a key service Durkan delivers to our customers. It creates huge benefits for local people but can be a real challenge to deliver. I would just like to acknowledge the hard work and constant support the madiganGIll team at Southmere has provided to help us achieve our social value goals.



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