MadiganGill security cut its teeth on construction projects and are simply exceptional at securing developments both large, small, and short or long term.

We work with clients like;- EcoWorld, BAML, WATES, Bellway, and Telford Homes to name but a few.

We know from our abundance level of experience that every construction site is different and any security company that thinks differently will fail you. Consequently, we will complete thorough risk assessments considering the location, local environment, crime statistics and your specific security objectives and produce a detailed and appropriate security solution.

Our solution will normally be multi layered in design and duties can include patrolling the perimeter providing a deterrence for crime, vandalism, trespassing and anti-social behaviour, monitoring CCTV, rapid response, and skilful de-escalation of threats.

To really receive a return on your investment we can also train our site security personnel to perform banksman/ signalling/ traffic marshalling duties to allow the effective management of transport operations throughout the site.


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