We take an active role in shaping a better environment for everyone, especially where communities are most vulnerable working towards economic development and sustainable communities. Tackling inequality and poverty by supporting local communities and those in territories we operates in, is central to MadianGill’s ambitions. But, we are well aware that tackling local and regional issues – be it economic or social – cannot be achieved alone Instead businesses and stakeholders must work together to drive change. For this reason we will work to facilitate prosperity and help communities flourish by collaborating with key stakeholders, authorities and regulative bodies and invest in good charitable causes.

Economic development

MadiganGill has sought to build strong ties and trust with local communities and contribute to thriving local economies. To this end, we attach importance to sourcing local labour, and we are proud to have significant number of local operatives that have worked for us consistently, across more than 160 boroughs and 70 towns. Making MadiganGill an indispensable force in the local community providing work opportunities and boosting the local economy.
We will pursue in our effort to engage with local communities through our actions by matching local people to local work. Equally, we are eager to provide opportunities to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. We are seeking to create a business where no one is left behind – facilitating prosperity and helping communities flourish by providing opportunities to hundreds of people - from vocational skills development, to inspiring young people; to providing employment opportunities in the construction sector and supporting local businesses and social enterprises.

Stakeholder collaboration

MadiganGill cannot tackle society’s economic and social issues on its own, we are well aware that joining forces is indispensable in responding to local needs and tackling industry issues. This is why we are engaging with local authorities, regulative bodies, membership organisations and other relevant parties to contribute in helping solve local issues and to collaborate in the decision making, knowledge sharing and innovation of the construction and building industry. This will facilitate in the delivery of quality projects.

We want to address issues to protect people and planet by delivering on our ambitions for our environment, as well as towards our communities – exceeding clients’ expectations by giving concrete form to our principles through action.


Support good causes

At MadiganGill we believe it is our responsibility to share our growth and its benefits, therefore, we already support many sustainable, social and community causes through financial and in-kind donations every year.

Over the years, we have donated to a range of institutions and charities, including schools, hospitals and sports clubs. Fundraising activities have included participation in charity sporting events such as seven-a-side football tournaments and client charity sponsorships. This has led to considerable positive impact in the community and cemented our role as a social agent for change.

We will look to expand our reach by investing in charitable causes and projects, and creating volunteering opportunities, in order to have a tangible, lasting, positive impact on people’s lives.



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